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“Salaar : Ceasefire,” a Telugu action-thriller released on December 22nd, directed by Prashanth Neel of KGF fame, features Prabhas as Salaar. Produced by Hombale Films with a ₹270 crores budget, the film unfolds Salaar’s journey as a ruthless gangster torn between a promise to his dying friend and rival gangs.

This gripping tale, pulsating with vengeance and loyalty, delves into the criminal underworld. Boasting intense action, surprising twists, and Prabhas’ captivating performance, Salaar triumphed at the box office, earning an estimated ₹694 crores. The film’s gritty visuals, dynamic soundtrack by Ravi Basrur, and Prithviraj Sukumaran’s menacing portrayal also earned critical acclaim.

For an exhilarating adventure exploring violence and redemption, Salaar: Ceasefire is a must-see!

Name Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire
Synopsis A tribesman named Deva embarks on a bloody quest to fulfill a promise made to his dying friend, navigating a dystopian city filled with power struggles and rival gangs. His loyalty is tested as he faces betrayal and confronts the prince of Khansaar, Varadha.
Release Date December 22, 2023
Cast Prabhas (Deva), Prithviraj Sukumaran (Varadha), Shruti Haasan (Aadhya), Jagapathi Babu, Easwari Rao, Madhu Guruswamy, Chandu Kanuri, Dayanand Reddy, Tinnu Anand, Shreya Reddy, Jhansi, Shrey Bhargava, Sapthagiri
Director Prashanth Neel
Producer Vijay Kiragandur (Hombale Films)
Writer Prashanth Neel
DOP Bhuvan Gowda
CEO V. Manjunath (CEO, Hombale Films)

SALAAR Latest Full Movie Download Leak and Full Movie Review

Ah, Salaar! The mysterious movie directed by Prashanth Neel is buzzing with excitement, even though much of it is still secret. Let’s explore the whispers, the current situation, and what we might see in this highly awaited action film.

Whispers and Guesses: The internet is buzzing with small hints and guesses. There are talks about action scenes shot in Kolar Gold Fields, Prabhas looking tough with a big mustache, and a possible time travel part that got everyone curious. The latest gossip is about a thrilling chase with 200 bikes, making everyone even more excited.

Where We Stand Now: Even though everything is kept under wraps, reports say Salaar is almost done. Filming is set to finish by February 2024, and after that, the finishing touches will be added during post-production. Although the release date got moved from September 2023, the delay only builds up the excitement.

What the Movie Might Be Like: Now, let’s imagine what kind of movie Prashanth Neel is creating.

Acting and Chemistry: People are already talking about Prabhas and Shruti Haasan’s on-screen pairing. Prabhas, known for his action skills, might be playing two roles, while Shruti Haasan could be a strong character. If leaked pictures are accurate, their chemistry on screen seems promising.

The Story and Fun Moments: Even though the main story is a secret, there are hints of revenge mixed with time travel. Prashanth Neel is good at adding funny moments to his stories, so Salaar might have clever jokes and laughs along with the action.

Direction and Filming: Neel’s great work in KGF is a big draw. His mix of intense action and deep emotions promises a visually stunning and touching experience. The filming, judging by leaked pictures, looks rough and real, capturing the heart of the story.

Music and Songs: Ravi Basrur, who made KGF’s exciting music, is back for Salaar. Expect energetic songs for the action scenes and emotional tunes for the heartfelt moments.

To Sum Up: Salaar, wrapped in mystery, seems ready to be an amazing movie. With Prabhas’s popularity, Prashanth Neel’s skillful directing, and the promise of action, laughs, and deep feelings, it’s no wonder people are talking about it. While we wait, the guesses and talk only make us more excited. In 2024, Salaar might change how we see action films, leaving us amazed and wanting more.

Remember, this is just a peek with the information we have. The real Salaar experience will be revealed on the big screen. Until then, let’s keep the excitement going and the theories coming!


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To watch Salaar on Netflix:

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  6. Enjoy watching Salaar on Netflix.


To watch Salaar on Tubi:

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  6. Enjoy watching Salaar on Tubi.

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Out Look of Salaar

Movie Trailer:

Movie Conclusion:

Salaar: Part 1 bursts onto the screen like a big cannon, making people excited for more. The story starts slow, revealing Deva’s mysterious past and Khansaar’s gloomy atmosphere. Prabhas, who plays Deva, really shines, showing his anger and intensity. His connection with Aadhya brings a touching feeling to the dark Khansaar, while reuniting with Varada highlights the film’s potential for strong brotherhood.

The ceasefire’s end shakes things up, throwing Khansaar into chaos and leaving Deva on the edge of a war with blood, fire, and maybe redemption. Is he Khansaar’s hero, or will his past destroy him and the rebellion? This question lingers as the credits roll, showcasing Salaar’s mix of action, mystery, and Prabhas’ great acting. Part 1 has some slow parts and a few storytelling hiccups, but it sets the stage for an explosive finale, keeping the audience eagerly waiting for Deva to change Khansaar in the end.

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