Oscars Party: In Which Madonna Poses With Her “Favourite Actor” Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy doesn’t do photos but the Oscar night was a bit different (more on that later). Cillian Murphy won the Best Actor prize for his stellar performance in Oppenheimer. The OG Madonna shared some pictures from the Oscars party and fans were so thrilled to see the usually reclusive Cillian Murphy caught on camera. In the picture, Madonna is seen holding a placard that reads, “Leave me alone. I’m tired.” In one of the pictures, Madonna can be seen posing next to her “favourite actor” Cillian Murphy. She captioned the post, “Oscar Party was fun! Not exactly A night off for a girl that needs a night off but I’m so happy I got to meet my favorite A.C.T.O.R! #cillianmurphy – Congratulations.”

A quick glance at what the comments section of looked like. Julia Fox commented, “I love you.” A user wrote, “How lucky, Madonna. And how lucky, Cillian. I would love to meet you both.” Another one added, “OMG Cillian and Madonna.” Another user added, “You’re such a peaky blinders Stan.” Another comment on the post read, “You both are my favorites.” Here’s what another user wrote, “Obsessed.” Another read, “Serving.”

Check out Madonna’s post here:

Besides his Oscar-winning performance in Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy’s impressive filmography includes Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and Batman (in which he played the villainous Scarecrow). He also starred in Ken Loach’s Irish historical drama The Wind That Shakes The Barley, among other films. Not to mention his most popular role as the Birmingham gangland boss Tommy Shelby, from the insanely popular television drama Peaky Blinders.

Madonna’s iconic discography includes tracks like Vogue, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Like A Prayer, Music, and Hung Up among many others.

​”Oscar party was fun,” wrote Madonna  

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